Born in Mexico City, Alex Kahuam is the 3rd generation of a Lebanese family who established itself in Mexico. Always curious about the film-making process, he shot his first short “El Secuestro” (The Kidnapping) at age 12 for a school assignment that dealt with the topic. Improvising as he went along, he used firecrackers to simulate explosions and used his friends as actors and received an A+ for such a realistic final project.

He continued making films along with his friend Diego Cacho who served as co-director and editor and had 11 shorts by the time he was 17. After competing high school, Diego traveled to Austin to further his studies in filmmaking and due to the geographical separation from his friend, Alex had to learn how to edit and completed an additional six films.

Alex continued his studies and enrolled in film school in Mexico City, but dropped out after a month due to poor teaching methods. He then went on to write his first feature “Escondida”, which he shot when he was 18 years old. The found-footage film also deal with kidnapping and in addition to writing it, he also served as director, producer and director of photography. He learned so much during the shoot that he often says that the process was a sort of “film school” for him.

In 2012 he moved to Los Angeles to continue learning and improve his craft. He met one of his closest collaborators to date, Director of Photography, Dan Wang. Later that year, he completed his first professional short titled, "So, You Want To Be A Gangster?" which was accepted at Cannes Film Festival in the category of Short-Film Corner in 2014. He then did another short called "What's in the Case?" along with Dan.

Wanting to pursue a second feature film, Alex began writing and while doing so realized that he had been writing the feature-length version of "So, You Want To Be A Gangster?", which he completed at age 21. He teamed up with other filmmaker friends and raised money from various investors in Mexico City. Collaborating with Director of Photography, Diego Gilly in this project and using the same actors from his previous short, he shot the film in three weeks. The film will be released on VOD in September 2017. Alex is currently developing his next feature film.